How to Plan an Amazing Wedding in 6 months or Less

Weddings are one of the most significant life events that take a lot of time to plan out and get right. Some couples can plan things out well in advance and still face problems. However, sometimes you want to get married sooner rather than later. Planning a wedding in 6 months or less is possible, […]

Why Now Is a Perfect Time to Book a Fall 2023 Wedding

The peak wedding season runs from May to October. Why is this so? Surely people can understand why couples would love to have their wedding when the weather is nice and sunny. But why would couples want to have their weddings in the autumn? The weather in autumn can be cold and cloudy. Well, cold and cloudy […]

10 Tips on Creating Amazing Indoor Wedding Photos

Are you looking for the best indoor wedding photo ideas to make your photos look stunning? Then, you’ve come to the right place! This article will provide you with ten fantastic ideas to ensure your wedding photo collection is genuinely memorable. With the right indoor wedding photography tips, you’ll be able to capture the special moments from […]

Involving Family Members in Weddings: Your Guide

Experts estimate that there will be about 2.2 million weddings in 2023. Is yours going to be one of them? It’s time to get excited about your big day! Many brides- and grooms-to-be don’t start considering how they’re involving family members in weddings until it’s too late. If you want to incorporate your family into your special […]

7 Benefits of Indoor Weddings

If you’re getting ready to get married, then buckle up. The average marriage costs about $28,000. That number’s not meant to scare you, and you can certainly have an amazing wedding for much less. But this is the most important day of any one person’s life. It’s clear that people will pull out all the stops […]

Wedding Traditions, New and Old: How to Make Your Special Day Unique

Did you know that in Germany, newlyweds will saw a log in two to commemorate their marriage? Across time and cultures, there are a wide variety of old wedding traditions. Whether it’s tossing the garter or stuffing cake in each other’s faces, there’s a good chance you’ve seen them all at the reception. They’re so common […]

Wedding Unity Ceremony Ideas From Around the World

Did you know that couples who spend more than five hours per week together tend to have the most successful marriages?  People who have deeply meaningful lifetime marriages understand the importance of connection. This is why it is such a good idea for couples to spend plenty of time together and to do plenty of things that they both enjoy. The […]

Engagement Ring vs Wedding Band: What’s the Difference?

If you’ve recently gotten engaged, you know that deciding on the right engagement ring is no joke. Around 35% of couples spend three or more months looking for the perfect ring and an additional 24% spend up to six months searching for a ring. Despite all of the fuss around engagement rings, it’s the wedding band that makes […]

Planning an Indian Wedding: A Complete Guide

There are over 4 million people of Indian descent living in the US. This means that there is a very good chance you or someone you know is planning an Indian wedding. If you are one of these people, then this guide is for you. Weddings in India are traditionally lavish affairs, often lasting several days and […]

The Ultimate Company Holiday Party Planning Guide

A company holiday party is more than just a get-together; it’s a chance to celebrate another year of hard work, show pride in your business, and make new connections with your coworkers as you welcome in the New Year. With venues booking up as early as springtime, it’s safe to say that the office holiday party is […]